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A little about Seattle:

Seattle is a popular request at SMB Auto Transport. We will gladly assist you in moving your car, truck, motorcycle from anywhere in the U.S. by partnering with the best and most reliable car shipping companies the industry. We will provide you a free estimate and up to 10 free quotes so you can choose the company who fits your needs. If Seattle is your destination, prepare to be awestruck. The song says, "The bluest skies you'll ever see are in Seattle," and that's certainly one of the reasons people go to Seattle and move their families. But Seattle is so much more than just blue skies and fast growth.

Seattle is a coastal seaport city and the seat of King County, in the state of Washington. Seattle is often a disembarkation point when people are shipping their cars overseas with an auto transport company. Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of North America and one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. The Seattle metropolitan area of around 4 million inhabitants is the 15th largest metropolitan area in the nation.

The city is situated on a narrow isthmus between Puget Sound (an inlet of the Pacific Ocean) and Lake Washington, about 100 miles (160 km) south of the Canada–United States border. A major gateway for trade with Asia, Seattle is the 8th largest port in the United States and 9th largest in North America in terms of container handling. With so many automobiles coming into the US through its Port, you can imagine that there is a large number of auto transport businesses there as well.

Brief History

Logging was Seattle's first major industry, but by the late 19th century the city had become a commercial and shipbuilding center as a gateway to Alaska during the Klondike Gold Rush. By 1910, Seattle was one of the 25 largest cities in the country. However, the Great Depression severely damaged the city's economy. Growth returned during and after World War II, due in part to the local Boeing Company, which established Seattle as a center for aircraft manufacturing. The city developed as a technology center in the 1980s, and the general area of Seattle is home to many software companies, such as powerhouse Microsoft. The stream of new software, biotechnology, and Internet companies led to an economic revival, which increased the city's population by almost 50,000 between 1990 and 2000. Many of those families that moved to Seattle brought their cars by auto transport.

Beginning with Microsoft's 1979 move from Albuquerque, New Mexico to nearby Bellevue, Washington, Seattle and its suburbs became home to a number of technology companies including, RealNetworks, Nintendo of America, McCaw Cellular (now part of AT&T Mobility), VoiceStream (now T-Mobile USA), and biomedical corporations such as HeartStream (later purchased by Philips), Heart Technologies (later purchased by Boston Scientific), Physio-Control (later purchased by Medtronic), ZymoGenetics, ICOS (later purchased by Eli Lilly and Company) and Immunex (later purchased by Amgen). Some of these companies developed the core technology you are using now to locate a car transport company.

This success brought an influx of new residents with a population increase within city limits of almost 50,000 between 1990 and 2000, and saw Seattle's real estate become some of the most expensive in the country. Many of the Seattle area's tech companies remain relatively strong, but the frenzied dot-com boom years ended in early 2001.

Seattle has a large number of excellent schools, a highly diverse religious community and a large number of well-known and specialty coffee shops. It truly is a magnificent place to visit, live and work.

Seattle has a noteworthy musical history. From 1918 to 1951, there were nearly two dozen jazz nightclubs along Jackson Street from the current Chinatown/International District to the Central District. The jazz scene developed the early careers of Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Ernestine Anderson and others. Seattle is also the birthplace of rock legend Jimi Hendrix and the alternative rock music style known as "grunge", which was made famous by local groups Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains.

Auto Transport

If you are considering a move to or from Seattle, you’ll more than likely need to ship one or more of your autos. We’ll provide you with a "No Cost" estimate. When you are ready to ship, we will provide you with up to ten free quotes from ten different auto shipping companies. In fact, you can fill out one convenient form right here on our website and we’ll get you the quotes you need when you decide to ship your car, truck, motorcycle, ATV or even your RV. SMB Auto Transport is here to make your transition a little smoother.

Seattle, WA

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