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Auto Transport from Virginia to California
Auto Transport to California, the “Golden State”

SMB Auto Transport will assist you in moving your car, truck or motorcycle from Virginia to California by offering the best moving quotes to get you started. We realize that you have many options to get your car moved across the country and appreciate you giving us consideration! We will not disappoint and are here to ensure you obtain up to 10 free auto shipping quotes to help you make the best choice. Whether you are relocating to California or just buying a vehicle that you need transported, we are here to help! Please fill out the online form for your free estimate and up to 10 quotes. If you hope to move your car by driving it yourself, please be aware that it will take up to 2 days without stopping (approximately 2,811 miles). A road trip of this length adds unnecessary wear on your car, but more importantly, it wears on you. If your student has been accepted to the University of California at Berkley and wants to make this road trip himself, there’s no shame in admitting that the thought of him driving this distance is keeping you up at night. Shipping your car could save time, worry and unforeseen expense. Or, if you are buying a classic car, driving it that far is not even an option. There are a myriad of reasons to have your car or truck shipped from Virginia to California. If you are relocating, and this will be your new home, here’s a few differences between the states to consider:

Top 4 reasons to move to the Golden State from the “Old Dominion” State:
Culture and People

You have heard it said that California is like a country to itself. That’s true in some sense, but California is more of a melting pot of many cultures and values from many countries, Latin and Asian nations being the largest of transplanted nationalities. (It makes for some great dining experiences!) Virginia’s culture and history are pretty much the polar opposite of Cali’s. Settled by British Colonials, Virginia lays claim to being the “Birthplace of the Nation,” with so much of the Revolutionary War and the Civil War’s history taking place there. Virginia’s rolling hills and its proximity to Washington DC make is a contrast in both geography and culture. California, however, as it was originally a part of Mexico and it became the dreamed-of destination for both intrepid transcontinental settlers and Gold Rush denizens, has its own brand of diversity. California is also a seaport state with one of the most beautiful coastlines anywhere, and its history as the port-of-entry for people from all parts of the Pacific Rim, is just as storied as its history of those coming to it from the Eastern areas of the US. Today, California has the largest and likely the most diverse population of all the states, at 38 million.

Weather and Landscape

It is an indisputable fact that California weather is hands-down, one the best climates anywhere. But Virginia gets the full range of four seasons. Christmas Day in Virginia may be a shivery below freezing affair, while in the largest California cities, it is likely to be around 70 degrees. Virginia has the humidity, and Cali has the coastal morning fog. Virginia has majestic trees, and California has stunningly colorful ground cover. Virginia has the sense of the very oldest settlements while California stands for all that’s new and futuristic. Virginia has the Storied Shenandoah Valley, and California has its eclectic Silicon Valley. There are many requests each month for auto transport companies to move vehicles across the nation as many people are taking advantage of the explosive job growth in the Silicon Valley.

Employment and Cost of Living – If you need to hear the pros about relocating to California, we have it! While California has the highest tax rates. (California’s capital gains rate is as high as 13.3 percent and 33 percent with combined federal and state tax on capital gains), the people who live there say they don’t mind because the benefits outweigh the costs. California is projected to add 264,000 new jobs in 2014. When it comes to auto transport, Virginia to California is a very common request. There is no down time for car shipping, regardless of the economy.


California has one of the highest student to teacher ratios with 21 students to every teacher. California has many incentives for public education and is one of the more progressive states to find solutions to their explosive growth.

While Virginia has some of the best colleges in the country, like Georgetown University, the University of Virginia and others, California boasts the finest State University system in the country. And with outstanding private universities like Stanford, California holds its own against any secondary education system anywhere.

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You may or may not be considering a move to the Golden State of California; or you may just need to find an auto shipping company to move a vehicle for you. We want to help you by providing a FREE "No Cost" estimate and, if you’re ready to ship your vehicle, up to ten quotes for you to choose from. We strive to make it simple for you. Please complete one of our online forms located on left side of our website. SMB Auto Transport will surpass your expectation regarding what to expect from a car shipping company! We won’t be satisfied until you are. Let us earn your business!

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