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A little about San Antonio:

San Antonio is known as Military City, USA, due to the presence of Joint Base San Antonio. The Base is made up of Fort Sam Houston and several air force bases. Active and retired military personnel and their families have an enormous impact on this fascinating city.

San Antonio was born when Spanish explores met the Payaya Indians in the San Antonio River Valley. Spanish Franciscan monks built a series of missions, including the Alamo, along the San Antonio River. From that point forward, the history of San Antonio is a whirlwind of the best and the worst life has to offer.

Spain stopped sending money to its troops on the frontier and by 1821, San Antonio became a part of the Mexican empire. From mission to fort, the Alamo was the sight of one most famous battles in Texas history, as Texans sought to free themselves from Mexican rule and President General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. The 13-day siege ended with the massacre of those who fought within the Alamo.

In 1891, the heroes of the Alamo and those at the Battle of San Jacinto were honored with a parade that eventually became known as Fiesta. San Antonio's Fiesta has grown from a single parade to a 10-day, multi-venue event billed as the Party With a Purpose, because proceeds from the event provide scholarships and fund any number of projects across the City.

The Alamo has been surround again. This time the siege was made by the unique and vibrant city of San Antonio. The missions built by the Franciscan monks have become Missions National Historic Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Alamo has gone from being an outpost on the outskirts of San Antonio to being the heart of downtown.

Locals and tourist alike frequent the Alamo, the Paseo del Rio (The River Walk), the Farmers Market, the Historic Market Square and let's not forget the landmark, Mi Tierra Cafe y Panaderia. Lower rent and lower unemployment are a perfect combination for both millennials and retirees.

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If you are considering a move to or from Dallas, you’ll more than likely need to ship one or more of your autos. We’ll provide you with a "No Cost" estimate. When you are ready to ship, we will provide you with up to ten free quotes from ten different auto shipping companies. In fact, you can fill out one convenient form right here on our website and we’ll get you the quotes you need when you decide to ship your car, truck, motorcycle, ATV or even your RV. SMB Auto Transport is here to make your transition a little smoother.

San Antonio, TX

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