Should I Drive or Ship My Car

Driving your car instead of transporting it is a bad idea.

Using an Auto Transport carrier to ship your car has many advantages.

Trying to figure out all the logistics of getting your car from one side of the country to another can be a huge hassle, especially if you’ve never had to do it before. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by details and questions. How much will it cost to drive the car yourself? Is it too expensive to hire an auto transfer shipping service? Which option is safer for you and for your car? Which route is best?

First of all, don’t worry. You’re definitely not the first person to feel a little lost. There are a lot of different reasons that people need to get their car from point A to a very distant point B and there are a lot of specific factors that need to be taken into consideration each time. Every situation is unique because every reason, every car, every route needed to take - these will all be a little different. While an experienced auto transport broker may embrace the challenge of all these details, it unfortunately means that it’s sometimes difficult for people researching auto transport to find concrete, simple answers about what to look for and what to expect about the process and cost.

But we are here to help! Because we are aware that automobile shipping is something that not everyone is very familiar with and because every customer’s story is unique to them, we wanted to try and answer some of the most common questions that we hear from potential customers. We hope this is helpful for anyone who is trying to make the choice between hiring an auto transport service to get their car where it needs to go or trying to undertake the long trip on their own.

If I ship my car, will it be more expensive than driving it on my own?

It will probably be very surprising to hear, but more often than not, hiring an auto transfer service to ship your car will actually save you money when compared to driving it yourself. The steep cost of gas alone for long distance trips can add up to a tremendous expense. And that’s not even taking into account all the additional expenses of paying for lodging and the meals you’ll have to buy during the trip. The combined total of all those costs may already have surpassed the amount you would be paying to have your car transported by a professional.

How will an auto transport service ship my car to me and how long will it take?

This depends on what you need. Brokers offer auto transport via either an open carrier method, which is usually a more efficient choice or an enclosed transport method, which is generally preferred for high value, classic or custom vehicles that need to be protected from the elements. You will also have a choice between their convenient door-to-door pick-up and delivery service or their terminal-to-terminal option, one of which is sure to fit within your busy schedule. The time that it will take to ship your car will depend on the distance and available routes to your destination. This can sometimes be affected by weather or other issues beyond the auto transport broker's control, like unexpected construction work. On average, a transport trip from one coast to the other across the U.S. takes between one to two weeks. For an estimate of what shipping your car would cost, we invite you to complete our "No Cost" estimate calculator. Once you have your estimate, you can request a precise quote with delivery times by completing the optional “I’m Ready To Ship My Car” form.

Will my car be safe during the shipping process?

Everyone we partner with in our business for transport services is licensed and bonded and we select our business partners with care, ensuring that your vehicle is in the best of care throughout the duration of its trip.

Can I ship multiple vehicles at once?

Yes! If you have a need to move more than one vehicle to the same long distance location - for example, if your family is moving and you have more cars than you have licensed drivers at your disposal, it can be incredibly helpful to have them all transported at the same time.

Are there any other benefits if I choose to ship my car?

There are! Here are a few more of the conveniences that shipping your car can provide:

  • Peace of Mind - Rather than navigating potentially unfamiliar territory on your own, when you choose to hire an auto transfer service to move your car, you are handing the responsibility over to professionals with the equipment and experience to deliver your car safely. Shipping your car is significantly less stressful and tedious than driving it yourself. You can spare yourself the aggravation, relax a little and focus on other important matters while your car makes its way safely to your destination.
  • No Massive Mileage Buildup - You’re already saving yourself time, stress and money, but another added benefit of shipping your car is that you’ll be sparing it the high amount of miles you would otherwise be racking up by driving it yourself. Long distance driving can cause a lot of wear and tear to your car and to your tires, so you’ll be extending the life left in your treads as well!
  • Don't Eat Into Your Vacation Time - There’s no need to spend a large portion of your vacation time driving your car across the country when you could get it shipped without taking up any time at all. Auto transport services allow you to fly out to your destination and have your car waiting there for you when you arrive – no grueling road trips required.
More Information About Car Shipping

Once you have decided to ship your car, you may still have questions regarding how to ship your car. You may need to know how much it costs to ship a carcosts to ship a car. You may also need to know what documents are needed for shipping a car. You may want to know what an auto transport broker does and is responsible for. Check out our "Articles" section right here on our website. We have articles documenting answers to all of your questions.

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