During Auto Transport Remove personal items from your vehicle

SMB Auto Transport recommends always removing personal items from your car during shipping.

Auto Transport – Remove personal items from your vehicle

The auto transport industry has grown explosively since the popularity of using the internet as a yellow pages type of service came about. People are now able to purchase cars from anywhere in the world and have them shipped via auto transport, right to their driveway. When using an auto shipping service, there are a few things to keep in mind before you ship your automobile.

The first thing to remember, especially if you are transporting an automobile that you have already owned for some period of time, is to remove all of your valuables from the vehicle. You may have stored money, jewelry, or even a handgun or rifle in your trunk, glove box, or any of the many storage bins and lockable compartments in your automobile. You may have dropped an old photo of a family member or friend that mean much to you, but could be overlooked or discarded by a new owner. While the auto shipping industry maintains a pristine record of respecting the personal property of its customers who use auto transport services on a daily basis, it’s never really a good idea to leave expensive items in the automobile. SMB Auto Transport recommends that you remove all personal items from your vehicle.

In addition, an auto transport company’s insurance will not cover any personal items inside your automobile. These items may shift during transport and also cause damage to your vehicle. You will be held liable if your items cause damage to another vehicle or the auto shipping company’s transport vehicle. Furthermore, these items could add to the weight of the vehicle being shipped, which could increase the price and reduce the speed of service.

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