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Nissan first starting producing the Versa as a sedan in 2007. A Versa hatchback was called the Note in 2007 also. These first Versas came with a 1.8L inline 4 cyl engine, a 13.2 gallon gas tank which could take you 343 to 435 miles on a full tank. The 1.8L engine would produce 122 horsepower and 127 ft-lbs torque. The Cam Type was a Double overhead cam (DOHC). All Versas were front wheel drive and the transmissions available was a 4-speed automatic, a 6-speed automatic and a continuously variable speed automatic. Among the warranties available in this 2007 model year included a Basic (3 yr / 36,000 mi), Powertrain (5 yr / 60,000 mi) and Roadside (3 yr / 36,000 mi).

Nissan Versa History
The All New 2017 Nissan Versa
First Generation (2007–2012)

The first generation of the Nissan Versa started in 2004 in the Japan market. It was offered to buyers in 2006 model year as a sedan or a hatchback. This generation Versa included a 1.8L inline four cylinder engine that produced 122 horsepower. Nissan decided to produce an extremely price competitive option and air condition was only optional on the original S model. This Versa had a seating capacity for five people, a basic warranty of three years / 30,000 miles and all were front wheel drive. Among the Versa specifications, it had a 13.2 gallon fuel tank capacity.

Second Generation (2013–present)

The second generation of the Nissan Versa started in 2013. The 2017 Versa included safety features such as side-mounted airbags, rear airbags, antilock brakes and traction control. Technology highlights include Bluetooth, audio controls on the steering wheel and USB ports on some models. The miles per gallon differed from model to model; some getting as low as 26 miles per gallon in city and 39 miles per gallon on the highway. With a 10.8 gallon fuel tank, the different Versa models could drive a range from 280 miles to over 420 miles.

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