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The state flag of New York

New York

The state flag of New York.

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A little information about New York:

New York? Yes, please!

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When the topic of places to see comes up, without fail, most people want to visit or live in New York. And what’s not to love? New York has everything from big city living to a small farm in the middle of lush green pastures with Amish neighbors.

New York got its name in honor of the Duke of York. New York obtained the nickname the “Empire State”, not because of the name of the Empire State Building, but because of the state’s wealth and resources in the 19th century. New York covers 47,214 square miles, but the population of New York is the 3rd largest state with 19.6 million (estimated on July 1, 2012). New York became part of the United States on July 26, 1788 as the eleventh (11th) state to join the union. Albany is New York’s capitol, the state flower is the rose, state bird is the bluebird, state song is “I Love New York” and its motto is Excelsior (Ever upward). New York has one hundred seventy-six (176) state parks and two (2) State Forest Preserves, Adironacks (2.5 million acres) and the Catskills (250,000 acres). New York is the home of the largest U.S. city, New York City (8.3 million residents) which was nicknamed “The Big Apple” by John J. Fitzgerald in 1920. The term was coined by stable hands at the racetrack fairgrounds referencing that the big races and big money were in New York City.

New York History in a Nutshell

An Italian born navigator named Giovanni da Verrazano discovered New York Bay in 1524. In 1609, Henry Hudson, an Englishman employed by the Dutch reached the bay and sailed of the river now bearing his name. In 1624 the first permanent settlement was established at Fort Orange (currently Albany). In 1625, Peter Minuit purchased Manhattan Island from the Indians for trinkets that were worth about 60 Dutch guilders. He founded the Dutch colony, New Amsterdam (currently New York City) and surrendered it to the English by 1664. New York was one of the original thirteen (13) colonies and played a crucial role in the American Revolutionary War. New York was the first capital of the United States after the Constitution was approved in 1788. The Battle of Saratoga was a turning point in the war.

The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of France in honor of the United States committing to be a free and democratic society. It was erected in 1886 on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. The statue welcomed fourteen (14) million immigrants from 1886 to 1924.

New York withstood an attack on the United States by a militant group known as Al Qaeda when members of this group flew two large commercial airplanes into the Twin Towers. The Twin Towers were the home of the World Trade Center and were considered an icon of a healthy American economy to rest of the world. Both towers collapsed within an hour after being hit, killing approximately 3,000 people, many of the dead were first responders attempting to rescue survivors. The attack shut down New York City and all air travel for days and weeks. It is the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history.

New York’s Economy and Employment

New York City is the center of the nation in regard to the U.S. economy. New York is the leader in manufacturing, foreign trade, commerce and banking, publishing, theater and has a large shipping yard industry. The Brooklyn Naval Yard was opened in 1806, closing as a U.S. Military base in 1966. It covers more than 200 acres. It was sold to open doors to commercial businesses in 1967 by the Nixon administration for the reason it employed approximately 6,000 workers for more than 200 businesses. Tourism in New York City brings in 52 million foreign and U.S. visitors in 2012, adding $36.9 billion to New York’s economy.

Despite economic growth in North Dakota and Texas, Wall Street keeps New York’s economy booming. The financial industry has the largest income per capita than any other industry at an average of $261,100 annually. New York lost fewer jobs during the recession and gained more in the recovery. New York created 33,800 private sector jobs in September and October, 2013, lowering New York’s unemployment rate to 7.7 percent. Whether other states gain or lose in population, New York has a steady stream of “new New Yorkers”, growing by 2 percent annually. New York is second in innovation, behind San Francisco with 1,500 new patent requests made between 2009-2010. The average per capita income in New York was $48,821, above the national average of $40,584 (2010 U.S. Census). New York has the highest wages in the country, 1.7 times the national average at $81,800 in 2010.

New York’s Weather and Climate

For the reason that New York is located in the New England states, New York has all four seasons. Summer is hot and humid, highs are around 80 to 90 degrees (F); winter is cold with temperature lows around 20 to 30 degrees (F), usually with several feet of snow. The spring is rainy, but it’s all worth it to experience fall in New England! Autumn in New York is as beautiful has the pamphlets promise, crisp cool air, leaves changing on mature trees, fall festivals and football games. New York is popular with tourists and visitors in the fall season and up to New Year’s (Times Square).

Housing and Taxes

The closer you live to the Big Apple, the higher the prices are for apartments. The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens are all in close proximity, but not all are readily affordable. The median housing price in New York State is $1,009,000 (those posh apartments on New York City’s upper east side and beach front estates in the Hamptons contribute to this number…don’t let it scare you). There are various taxes that are paid by New Yorkers, primarily federal, state, property and individual income taxes. There are exemptions and various rules depending on which city or county you live in, too many variables to go in to at this time. Let’s just say that taxes in New York are higher than average in the United States.

Education in New York

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is part of the University of the State of New York (USNY) and is one of the most complete, interconnected education systems in the United States. New York has 695 school districts with public school enrollment for the fall of 2011 at 2.6 million. New York State has the highest daily attendance in the nation. The student-teacher ratio is 12.7-to-1, well below the national average of 16-1. New York ranks the highest in the nation for teacher salaries with the average at $73,400 for the school year 2010-2011, well above the national average of $55,500. The student graduation rate for public schools in New York State were seventy-four (74) percent in 2012 just below the national average of seventy-five (75) percent. More than seventy-four (74) of New York high school graduates enrolled in college directly from high school, above the national average of seventy (70) percent.

New York State has some of the best colleges in the country. The State University of New York system is strong and has both strong liberal arts colleges and large research universities. The most famous are Columbia University in Manhattan (private research university), Cornell University in Ithaca, NY (private research university) and NYU or New York University located in Manhattan, also a private research university.

Professional sports

If Texas is not known for its baseball, nothing could swing further from the pendulum than New Yorkers loving their baseball. In New York, baseball is life. Most New Yorkers are loyal to the New York Yankees, but don’t say this to a New York Mets fan. Nothing compares to the loyalty of New York baseball fans. There are football fans, basketball fans and hockey fans (hockey is huge in NY).

The NFL has three (3) football teams, the New York Jets, the New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills. The MLB has two (2) baseball teams; the New York Yankees and the New York Mets; the NBA has two basketball teams, the New York Knicks and the New York Liberty; and the NHL has three (3) hockey teams, the New York Rangers, the New York Islanders and the Buffalo Sabres. NASCAR doesn’t have as much of a following, it seems to be a southern thing. However, it is growing.

Auto Transport

You may or may not be considering a move to the State of New York; or you may just need to find an auto shipping company to move a vehicle for you. We will assist you by providing a FREE "No Cost" instant estimate, then up to ten quotes for you to help you choose the best company to meet your needs. SMB Auto Transport will surpass your expectation regarding what to expect from a car shipping company! Let us prove it to you!

New York

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