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SMB Auto Transport wants to help you move your car! Our job is to help you find a safe, efficient auto transport company to move your car from where you are to where you want to be in the USA.

A little about Albuquerque:

Nestled between the Sandia Mountains on east and extinct volcanoes on the west, Albuquerque was founded in 1706. By the 1900s, the high desert dry climate was attracting tuberculosis patients from across the United States. As a result of this migration, sanatoriums sprang up around the city. One of these sanatoriums became St. Joseph Hospital and another became Presbyterian Hospital.

Today one third of Arizona’s population lives in the city boasts a dry climate with 310 days of sunshine a year. The highest metropolitan city in the United States will take a toll on your body if you are coming from a sea level area. Take it easy for a week or so before trying any strenuous activity.

When the rains do come, make sure you have your camera ready. The rainbows in Albuquerque are spectacular.

When you think of Albuquerque, do you think cutting edge technology or “nuclear capital of the United States?” Maybe you should. Microsoft was started here and move the Washington in 1975. The ubiquitous ankle monitor, tracking those under house arrest, was invented here. The Sandia Base, foremost nuclear weapons installation in the United States, was located on the southeastern edge of Albuquerque. The facility was the leader in the nation’s research, development, fabrication and storage of nuclear weapons. Today the Base has been merged with Kirtland Air Force Base. Still much our nation’s nuclear research program is conducted or supervised in Albuquerque.

Though the military and others may be producing cutting edge technology in Albuquerque, the city struggles with classic problems faced by towns and cities of every size. Those who know, recommend you leave early if you are planning to use the public bus system. If you do use the system you will be waiting awhile and baking in those 310 days of sunshine. Albuquerque has a good bike system but a poor walkability score. It’s a good thing you decided to ship your car.

Auto Transport

If you are considering a move to or from Albuquerque, you’ll more than likely need to ship one or more of your autos. We’ll provide you with a "No Cost" estimate. When you are ready to ship, we will provide you with up to ten free quotes from ten different auto shipping companies. In fact, you can fill out one convenient form right here on our website and we’ll get you the quotes you need when you decide to ship your car, truck, motorcycle, ATV or even your RV. SMB Auto Transport is here to make your transition a little smoother.


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