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A little information about New Jersey:

SMB Auto Transport offers you 10 free auto shipping quotes to move your vehicle to or from New Jersey or anywhere in or outside the continental U.S. Along with the free quotes, we provide a free instant estimate to give you an idea what it will cost to ship your car, truck, or other mode of transportation. As an auto transport company, we receive many requests from the Garden State of New Jersey. Unless you live in or near New Jersey, you cannot begin to appreciate what an awesome place it is to live. If you listen to the media, you only hear negative topics of concern. New Jersey has more great things to offer than we realize. If you are thinking of moving to New Jersey, you or your student plans to attend school; or you have just purchased that sweet classic GTO you have dreamed about since you played with the Hot Wheels version, let me share the benefits of life in New Jersey with you. Even if you never plan to move there, it will give you a deeper appreciation as to why New Jersey is an awesome asset to our great nation.

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New Jersey’s Rich History

New Jersey has a rich and proud history and has made a great contribution to foundation of the United States. This fertile land was first spotted by the Italian explorer Giovanni de Varazano in 1524. In 1609, Henry Hudson sailed up the Hudson River and made claim to New Netherlands for the Dutch (now New York and New Jersey). In 1664, the Dutch surrendered the land of New Jersey, along with the land that is currently New York. New Jersey was established as an English colony under the leadership of Philip Carteret. Carteret and the English Quakers divided the land in 1676 as East and West New Jersey. New Jersey was separated from New York in 1738 and received its name by the English, naming it after the Isle of Jersey. It didn’t become a state in the union until December 18, 1787 (it was the third state to be adopted into the union) after the United States won the Revolutionary War. For the reason that New Jersey is located between Philadelphia and the state of New York, New Jersey was the battleground for much of the American Revolution. General Washington fought the Battle of Trenton on Christmas Day in 1776; the Battle of Princeton; and again at the Battle of Monmouth in June, 1778. In all, there were about 90 battles fought within the boundaries of New Jersey. In addition, it was the delegates from New Jersey who introduced and sponsored the plan for smaller states to have equal representation in the Senate at the U.S. Constitutional Convention in 1787. The city of Trenton became the state’s capital in 1790.

New Jersey Facts

New Jersey has a concentrated transportation system with turnpikes, toll roads and highways connecting the New England states. For an auto transport carrier, the routes can be tedious, confusing, not to mention congested. But no worries! SMB only relies on the most trusted and experienced experts. New Jersey ranks 47th out of 50 states in size and covers only 7,836 square miles. It is surrounded by water, except along a 50 mile stretch along the northern border with New York. The Atlantic Ocean borders the east, Delaware Bay across the south and Pennsylvania, across the Delaware River border the west. The northern third of the state is where the Appalachian cross over New Jersey, referred as the “northwestern highlands” region. There are streams, valleys, wooded slopes and glacial lakes. The “Jersey Shore” coastline is approximately 127 miles long. It has 11 state forests, 36 state parks and more than 100 rivers and creeks. The population of New Jersey is 8.9 million. There are five metropolitan areas, with 90 percent of the population living in urban areas (U.S. Census Bureau, 07/01/2013). New Jersey is the 11th most populated state in the country and has the highest population density in the U.S., with an average of 1,030 people per square mile which is 13 times the national average. New Jersey is received its nickname as “The Garden State” by Abraham Browning on August 24, 1876. Mr. Browning was observing that “New Jersey is an immense barrel, filled with good things to eat and open at both ends, with Pennsylvanians grabbing from one end and New Yorkers from the other.” In later years, the name stuck in reference to the fact that New Jersey is an immense producer of floral and agricultural products.

New Jersey’s Economy and Culture

Only four states are smaller in size than New Jersey, yet New Jersey ranks ninth in population. Newark, New Jersey is across the river from New York City, bringing it in close proximity of the major economic influence of the U.S. New Jersey is a major industrial region, noted for producing chemicals, pharmaceuticals, machinery, electronic equipment, processed foods and much more. Since New Jersey is surrounded by water, there are many efficient modes of transportation. New Jersey is linked to Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New York City by rail, toll roads, bridges, boats, ferries and barges. In addition, New Jersey has over 50 resort cities and tourism is the 2nd largest industry. Atlantic City, NJ is the most popular destination on the east coast for individuals looking to try their luck at the casinos. The casinos bring in an estimated revenue of $2.9 billion. New Jersey is a leading state of agricultural production, producing cranberries, blueberries, potatoes, corn, hay, dairy products, eggs and poultry. The farmland is decreasing however, as urban areas expand making room for commercial and residential property.

The influences of the northeast U.S. gives New Jersey its own diverse culture. It has a heavy influence from European immigrants from the early 20th century. The Italian and Irish communities, along with several others gives New Jersey the “east coast” flavor you only find along the Atlantic Coast. In the 21st century however, the culture is changing and growing more diverse. Being in close proximity to New York, people from all backgrounds and cultures are changing the face of New Jersey as in many other states. New Jersey ranks 7th in diversity in the United States as noted by many restaurants and stores, bringing a wide variety of foods and flavors to enhance the communities of New Jersey. Because of the wide range of other cultures and religions, international students seek to complete their education in New Jersey undergraduate and post graduate institutions. The Roman Catholic religion is the largest of all denominations or religions with approximately 3.2 million Catholics (37 percent), followed by Baptists at 8 percent as of 2010.

New Jersey’s Weather and Climate

Due to New Jersey being on the Atlantic coast, the climate in the southern, central and northeast regions are humid. The exception is the northwest region of the state, which lies in the Appalachian region, keeping the humidity low in the higher elevations. The sun shines an average of 110 days per year. Summers are warm and humid with a statewide summer high temperature at 85 degrees and summer lows around 65 degrees. Winter temperatures have an average high of 39 degrees and lows around 22 degrees. The average precipitation is 47 inches. The average snowfall ranges between 10-15 inches and 40-50 inches in the northwestern highlands. During the winter and early spring, New Jersey can experience a weather phenomenon called a “Nor’easter”. This can cause blizzard conditions and flooding to the northeast coast of the U.S. A Nor’easter can shut down businesses and transportation for days. This impacts the auto transport companies and can extend transport estimates. (In combination with the nor’easter and the crowded streets/highways, it is evident that car shippers earn their keep.) Hurricanes and tropical storms are possible in the fall season, most notably Hurricane Sandy making landfall on October 29, 2012. Hurricane Sandy was the most costly storm to hit New Jersey and the eastern seaboard, totaling losses of $50 billion to the U.S. economy.

Housing and Sales Tax

New Jersey is one of the wealthiest states in the U.S. It has the highest percentage of millionaires with 7.2 percent of New Jersey households having $1 million or more in assets, not including home equity. Approximately 76 percent of New Jersey residents have per capita incomes above the national average. The median home price in New Jersey is approximately $315,693 for the month of November, 2013. Due to the increase of 200,500 added jobs in the New York-New Jersey area in 2012, the price in housing climbed 4.1 percent over 2012 (CoreLogic, 2013). New Jersey has the 2nd highest median household income in the U.S. at $71,637 (Maryland is 1st at $72,999).

Taxes in New Jersey come in various forms. The residents of New Jersey are most affected by New Jersey’s state income tax, sales tax and property tax. New Jersey also has corporate income tax. New Jersey’s state income tax averages 6.37 percent for most individuals and can go as high as 8.97 percent for incomes over $500,000. Sales tax is at 7 percent, and property tax for New Jersey home and land owners has the highest median property tax in the U.S. at $5,773.

Education in New Jersey

There are 2,492 public schools in New Jersey as of school year 2012-2013 and 590 districts. The graduation rate for the same time period is 86 percent, up 3 percent from 2011-2012. New Jersey’s Department of Education (NJDOE) has significantly revised their requirements for public schools to help educators prepare their students for college and/or careers. The focus is on metrics to determine if the student is ready for college or a career. They have created a benchmark to gage each school’s performance to target what is lacking and identify areas of improvement. The student/teacher ratio is the 4th lowest in the nation at 12.0 students per teacher. New Jersey has a total of 1,297 private schools, with an approximate enrollment of 240,555 students.

There are 27 state and private four-year colleges and universities in New Jersey, the most sought after is Princeton University in Princeton, NJ. Princeton is a private university and one of the eight “Ivy League” schools along the eastern seaboard of the U.S. Another popular university is Rutgers University in Camden, NJ. Students come from all over the country and even the world to attend both of these learning institutions. If your college-bound student is planning to attend a college or university in NJ; and you are losing sleep over him or her taking a long road trip, consider having your car transported via a car shipping company. You may sleep better knowing both arrived safely to their destination!

Professional sports

Since New Jersey is not a big as its neighboring states, there is only one professional team located within the state (indoor football and soccer are not considered in this article…sorry.) The New Jersey Devils are the professional hockey team in the NHL. But you are just a few hours’ drive to participate in the victories of the New York or Pennsylvania teams. Yea!!

Now that you know all there is to know about New Jersey, whether you are moving to or from, you are a “snowbird” traveling to southern state for the winter, or you are buying a car, truck, motorcycle or even an RV from New Jersey, we’ve got you covered! SMB Auto Transport is here to assist you! Please fill out the online form located to the left of this page and receive an estimate and up to ten free quotes. We strive to surpass your expectation regarding what to expect from an auto shipping company! Let us prove to you that we are committed to your satisfaction. We won’t be satisfied until you are satisfied!

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You may or may not be considering a move to the State of New Jersey; or you may just need to find an auto shipping company to move a vehicle for you. We will assist you by providing a FREE "No Cost" instant estimate, then up to ten quotes for you to help you choose the best company to meet your needs. SMB Auto Transport will surpass your expectation regarding what to expect from a car shipping company! Let us prove it to you!

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