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A little about Reno:

At SMB Auto Transport, we provide you the best auto shipping quotes to haul your car, truck or motorcycle to or from the city of Reno, NV anywhere in the U.S. or overseas. Part of the process includes providing you a free instant estimate upfront with up to 10 no obligation quotes to meet your auto transport needs. The city of Reno is a common destination for many individuals. Whether you are moving, you have a student attending school or working in Reno and living somewhere else, we have done some research for you about this great city. Even if none of these scenarios applies to you, we hope you’ll still find it an interesting read.

The Basic Facts on Reno

Reno is situated in the northwestern part of Nevada and is the county seat of Washoe County. Reno is the most populous Nevada city outside of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 225,221 making it the fourth most populous city in the state after Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas. Reno sits in a high desert valley at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Known as "The Biggest Little City in the World", Reno is famous for its casinos and as the birthplace of Caesars Entertainment Corporation. In the 1980s, Native American gaming rules were relaxed, and starting in 2000 Californian Native casinos began to chip away at Reno's casino industry.

The Reno–Sparks metropolitan area is informally called the Truckee Meadows and consists of nearly 500,000 residents.

Brief History

As early as the 1850s a few pioneers settled in the Truckee Meadows, a relatively fertile valley through which the Truckee River made its way from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake. The pioneers were subsistence farmers and traded with the travelers who came across the California Trail, which followed the Truckee River westward.

In 1871, Reno became the county seat of Washoe County. The extension of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad to Reno in 1872 provided a boost to the new city's economy. In the following decades, Reno continued to grow and prosper as a business and agricultural center and became the principal settlement on the transcontinental railroad between Sacramento and Salt Lake City.

As the Nevada mining boom waned early in the 20th century, Nevada's centers of political and business activity shifted to the non-mining communities, especially Reno and Las Vegas, and today the former mining metropolises stand as little more than ghost towns. Despite this, Nevada is still the third-largest gold producer in the world, behind South Africa and Australia. The state yielded 6.9 percent of the world's supply in 2005 world gold production.

Reno took a leap forward when the state of Nevada legalized open-gambling in 1931, along with the passage of even more liberal divorce laws than places like Hot Springs, Arkansas, offered. No other state offered what Nevada did in the 1930s, and casinos like the Bank Club and Palace were popular. The divorce business eventually died as the other states began to change their own laws easing the requirements for divorce, but gambling continued as a major Reno industry.

Major new construction projects have been completed in the Reno and Sparks areas. A few new luxury communities were recently built in Truckee, California, approximately 28 miles west of Reno on Interstate 80. Reno also is an outdoor recreation destination, due to its close proximity to the Sierra Nevada, Lake Tahoe, and numerous ski resorts in the region.

Economy and Culture

Before the late 1950s, Reno was the gambling capital of the United States. Reno has traditionally drawn the majority of its California tourists and gamblers from the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento; however, the growth of Native American casinos has cut into Reno's business. Older casinos have been torn down or repurposed into condos.

Today Reno is the location of the corporate headquarters for numerous companies, including Braeburn Capital, Hamilton, EE Technologies, Port of Subs, PC-Doctor, and International Game Technology, which manufactures slot machines. Bally Technologies and GameTech have a development and manufacturing presence in Reno. With the continuing growth of jobs and opportunity in the Reno area, many transplants choose to relocate their cars and trucks with auto transport companies. These drivers are well acquainted with the routes and maneuvering a carrier in this mountainous region.

Reno's Top employers are: Washoe County School District; University of Nevada, Reno; Washoe County; Renown Regional Medical Center; Peppermill Hotel Casino; Game Technology; Silver Legacy Resort Casino; Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center; Casino Resort; Grand Sierra Resort.

Weather and Climate

Reno sits in the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountain range at 4,400 feet above sea level. Annual rainfall averages 7.48 inches (190 mm). Most rainfall occurs in winter and spring. The city has 300 days of sunshine per year. The monthly daily average temperature ranges from 35.3 °F (1.8 °C) in December to 74.9 °F (23.8 °C) in July, with the diurnal temperature variation reaching 35 °F (19 °C) in summer, still lower than much of the high desert to the east.

Education in Reno

Founded in 1874, the University of Nevada, Reno is the oldest university in the state of Nevada and Nevada System of Higher Education. The University offers 145+ degree plans to its 21,353 students. US News and World Report ranks the University of Nevada, Reno as a national tier 1 university.

Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) is a regionally accredited, two-year institution which is part of the Nevada System of Higher Education. The college has an enrollment of approximately 11,603 students attending classes at a primary campus and four satellite centers.

Career College of Northern Nevada (CCNN) is a nationally accredited trade school that trains students in technical fields that support fast growing industries.

University of Phoenix – Northern Nevada Campus is located in south Reno.

Auto Transport

If you are considering a move to or from Reno, you’ll more than likely need to ship one or more of your autos. We’ll provide you with a "No Cost" estimate. When you are ready to ship, we will provide you with up to ten free quotes from ten different auto shipping companies. In fact, you can fill out one convenient form right here on our website and we’ll get you the quotes you need when you decide to ship your car, truck, motorcycle, ATV or even your RV. SMB Auto Transport is here to make your transition a little smoother.

Reno, NV

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