How to File a Car Shipping Claim

During auto transportation, it is fairly uncommon for damage to occur. But even with the most seasoned, careful drivers, damage can happen.

Auto Transport - How to File a Claim

It is uncommon for damage to occur with most auto shipping drivers. But even with the most seasoned, careful drivers, damage can happen.

Your car or truck will arrive dirty from the elements of the road and weather, and may have a few small dings from small rocks or gravel flying up from the road by passing trucks. We’re not talking about that. We’re focusing on damage that you would otherwise report to your insurance agent if you received the damage while driving the vehicle yourself. In other words, small to large dents, noticeable scratches, windshield or window damage, etc.

Please note that if you have items in your car or trunk and there is damage due to it was loosened during the move, it won’t be covered by the auto transport company. You will have to take that up with your insurance agent.

In order to ensure your vehicle arrives just as you left it, we highly recommend that you take close-up photos or even video of your car or truck and make note of what you find with the driver during the inspection processes before loading your vehicle and after it is unloaded. Make sure that for both phases of the inspection process, the area is well-lit so you can see what scratches, dents and other blemishes exist. Make sure that you look at the roof, the bumpers and under the car as well.

If there’s new damage discovered after your car or truck has been unloaded, be sure you take pictures (or video) of the damage. Then document the damage found on the Bill of Lading. Have the driver sign it.

Contact the auto shipping company to report your damage claim. Make sure that you keep the Bill of Lading and any photos of the damage. If the company requests a quote from a body shop or window replacement company, make sure you follow up within the agreed time frame (i.e., 5 days, 10 days). Most car shipping companies will resolve your claim as quickly as possible.

If you feel the company is being extremely difficult, they are dragging their feet to resolve, or even unresponsive; please contact the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration) by visiting their website at: , or by calling: 1-888-DOT-SAFT (1-888-368-7238) Mon-Fri, 9:00am-7:00pm EST.

If you feel you must take it an additional step, contact the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to file a complaint. They protect potential consumers by rating a business. Their website is: at

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