Auto Transport - How much time do I need to schedule pickup of my vehicle?

SMB Auto Transport recommends scheduling a pick-up at least two and a half weeks in advance.

Auto Transport - How much time do I need to schedule pickup of my vehicle?

Scheduling at least two and a half weeks in advance is usually enough time for an auto transport company to schedule your pick-up. However, if your vehicle is in location that isn’t close to a major city or highway, then you might want to allow an additional week. In most cases, you can get your vehicle shipped in 1-6 days, but it is not a good idea to count on that time frame as being the normal in the car shipping industry. Remember, it is necessary for someone to be available to pass the keys to the carrier driver and also to complete the inspection report.

What If I Need to Ship My Vehicle as soon as possible?

There are however, emergency situations or other unforeseen circumstance where you have little to no notice. If you need your vehicle transported within the next day or two, you most likely will be able to find an auto transport company that can help, although there most likely will be additional fees for the last minute notice. If the carrier is not able to pick up your vehicle immediately, the auto transport company can arrange for you to drop off your vehicle at a nearby location (terminal-to-terminal service). Just be aware that you may have to pay a premium for this faster service.

Is It Better to Schedule My Pick-up Further in Advance?

Unlike many industries, the likelihood of getting an ideal pick-up time does not improve with more lead time for the auto transport company. Setting up your vehicle to be shipped three months in advance does not provide an advantage over just two to three weeks. So, as long as it is at least two weeks in advance, any time is a good time to schedule your auto transport.

How much Time from Pickup to Delivery?

Once your car is on the car auto transport carrier, the time until delivery is determined by the shipping distance, the other stops the carrier has to make along the way, as well as weather and road conditions. Shipping a vehicle across the continental U.S. from coast to coast typically takes one to two weeks. If you are shipping your vehicle a shorter distance (e.g. Georgia to Florida), you can expect a shorter shipping time.

Once you complete your free online quote, you will have a better idea of the time frame and the cost of shipping your vehicle.

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