How much does it cost to ship my car?

The average price to ship a car is between $700 an $1250.

Using our auto transport calculator will give you a more accurate estimate but here are some general estimates.

  • Car $700 - $1100
  • Truck $850 - $1175
  • SUV $850 - $1250

These are the most important factors that impact the cost of shipping your car.

  • Time of Year
  • Longer Lead Time
  • Vehicle Type and Size (Car, Truck, SUV, etc.)
  • Vehicle Condition (Running, Controllable, etc.)
  • Distance between Pickup and Delivery Location
Your estimated auto transport cost depends on several factors.
  • your vehicle to be shipped (type, size, condition, custom made)
  • vehicle shipping distance
  • lead time to pick up your vehicle
  • the price of diesel fuel at the time of transport
  • other considerations include the carrier type you would like, your pick up location and delivery location, any special requests you may have and if the process takes place on any holidays.

The vehicle type, size and condition affects the price. Generally, a larger vehicle is heavier and consumes more space. Example: a full size truck costs more to transport than a compact car. If the vehicle won’t start or won’t steer, your cost is higher due to manual intervention by the carrier. Also, if the vehicle is custom made or has customizations, added costs may very well apply to your overall price.

The distance between your pickup location to your delivery location plays a major role in determining your cost. Distance is probably the largest determining factor when determining the price of shipping your car. This is due to the amount of time on the road and the amount of fuel needed. Example: it takes more time, fuel and expenses to transport your vehicle across the entire country, that within the same state.

The lead time also plays a factor when determining your cost. Example: if you need your vehicle shipped tomorrow; it can require some major juggling of existing routes & schedules. Therefore, it is generally best to allow five or more days for scheduling your vehicle to be picked up.

Should an economic downturn happen, in which diesel fuel prices increase; this may cause auto transport carriers to increase their transport rates. In the United States from 2005 to 2008, we saw steady increases in diesel fuel prices. The diesel fuel went from roughly $2.25 per gallon to over $3.80 per gallon. Along with this diesel fuel increase, services prices increased on everything from concrete mixers to long haul freight carriers. The auto transport industry was no exception. Companies had to increase their rates due to increasing diesel fuel costs.

There are several other considerations that you need to keep in mind. If you want your classic, antique or expensive car transported in an enclosed carrier, it will cost more than an open-air carrier. Another consideration may be if you want your car transported as a carrier top load, your cost may be higher. If your pickup location or delivery location is in a remote area, your cost may increase. Special requests such as pickup or delivery on holidays can have an added cost to the overall price. Please keep all of these factors in mind when wanting to know the cost of shipping your car. Planning ahead can definitely save you money.

More Information About Car Shipping

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