Auto Transport Carrier - How do I know my car will be in good hands?

The auto transport carrier is licensed, bonded and insured to protect your vehicle.

Auto Transport Carrier - How do I know my car will be in good hands?

One of the concerns any person thinking about shipping a car is whether or not it is a safe decision. The underlying question is “How do I know My Car is In Good Hands?” The answer, as always, is “that depends.” It depends on whether you are dealing with an auto shipping company that is reputable, and doing a little due diligence of your own is always a good idea.

Don’t bear the risks of shipping a car yourself.

  • they have the required Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration license
  • they have the required Department of Transportation license
  • they must carry the required insurance for using public roads and freeways
  • they have the required $75,000 Bond to cover issues not handled by insurance

One place many people look is the Better Business Bureau. They have listings of auto shipping companies with detailed information on each one they have listed. But just because the auto transport company you’re considering isn’t listed in BBB, doesn’t mean they aren’t reputable and solid. (I told you “it depends.”)

What we suggest to people is a checklist of items that will help you determine “What makes an Auto Shipping company ‘reputable?’”

Here are several things to look for:

  1. Do they have all the necessary commercial licenses
  2. Have they been in business for an extended period
  3. Do they offer insurance both for the car and for its contents (we don’t recommend that you leave anything inside the car or trunk, but if you do, make sure it’s insured as well as the car itself, they’re not the same thing
  4. Discuss auto shipping with your moving company, do they know a company they’ve used successfully
  5. Discuss auto transport with your insurance agent, ask them if they know a good auto shipping company
  6. Does the auto transport company have positive online reviews
  7. Are they willing to provide you with a reference to a previous customer, where you can call to find out “how it went”

Once you’ve covered all of those questions, set up an appointment to meet or talk with the auto shipper and ask all of your questions directly. For most people, a car is their second largest investment; make sure you have satisfied yourself that it will be properly treated. One thing to remember is that reputable auto shipping companies are in the business for the long haul, they have a vested interest in doing a good job for you because that’s how they stay competitive.

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