Auto Transport – How Can I Track My Car While in Transit?

Many car owners that use auto transport companies are naturally concerned once their car, truck, motorcycle or RV drive out of sight.

Auto Transport – How Can I Track My Car While in Transit?

Many vehicle owners are naturally concerned once their car, truck, motorcycle or RV drive out of site in the care of a car shipping carrier. And who could blame them? It’s almost like sending your child off to school for the first day (okay, I’m slightly exaggerating, but not by much for some owners). It is a long two day or even two week period to go without your car or truck.

Is it possible to check on your car while being shipped across the country? It depends on the process and controls the auto transport company has put in place. Many companies have on-line tracking where you can go to their website, enter your tracking number and their system will give you an instant update. There are some will track it for you and give you updates without you even asking. There are other companies that will ask you to go to their website to enter your tracking number and they will respond via email within a 24-hour period. Others will update you only when you initiate the phone call and ask for a progress report on your vehicle. They may have to contact the driver and get back to you, but they are happy to oblige. And depending on if the car shipping carrier is an independently owned and operated and does all of the work himself, he may give you his cell number to call him directly. That is not as common and he may not answer his phone when you call. The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) gives drivers strict adherence when a driver can talk on his cell phone while in transit.

Whatever scenario suits you, remember to ask the car shipping representative when you are contacted how they track vehicles and if you are given updates.

Please be aware that just as you can be delayed when taking a road trip yourself, even more so for an auto transport carrier. There are weather delays, road detours, traffic delays and their schedule fluctuates when the driver is delayed by another owner. Please ensure that you are flexible when expecting the arrival of the driver going and coming.

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