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Welcome to Texas

Welcome to Texas

Auto Transport From Florida To Texas
Auto Transport to Texas, the “Lone Star State”

SMB Auto Transport will help you move your car, truck or motorcycle from Florida to Texas by offering the best auto shipping quotes to get you started. Whether you are relocating to Texas or just buying a vehicle that you need shipped by an auto transport company, we are here to help! Please fill out the online form for your free, no obligation estimate and up to 10 quotes. To make this road trip by yourself, you can expect it to take anywhere from 11 to 30 hours of driving time depending on which part of Florida to which part of Texas. And that is without stopping for anything but gas and bathroom breaks. A road trip of this length can put unnecessary wear on your car, and more importantly, on yourself. If you are sending your student to California, shipping your car could save you time, worry and potential expense. Or, you may be buying that sweet, classic car you have been searching for. If that’s the case, driving it long distance is not even an option.

There are many reasons to have your car or truck shipped across the country. If you are relocating to Texas, congratulations! Here’s what Texas has to offer in comparison with Florida:

Comparisons: Texas and Florida
Culture and People

The Florida culture, influenced as it is by the Northeast, Southeast, Coastal and Caribbean cultures is a far cry from the culture in Texas which is influenced by the Southwest, Agrarian, Ranching, and Hispanic cultures. Texas has more highway miles than any other state, and its population is as diverse as any in the US. Texas is an immense state second only to Alaska in size. With an estimated 27 million inhabitants in 2014. The “Old West” values of independence, self-reliance and forthrightness still rule in Texas, and they influence the politics as well as the business climate.

Weather and Landscape

Texas in many ways has a similar climate to Florida’s in that there is an abundance of sunshine and long hot summers. Florida, of course, gets a great deal more rainfall than Texas, and its winters are generally more moderate. Because it extends much farther north, Texas winters range from mild in the south to seriously windy in the panhandle north. You’ve heard the expression, if you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait. All true, except in the summer.

Employment and Cost of Living

When it comes to auto transport, Florida to Texas is a very common request. There is no down time for car shipping, regardless of the economy. If you need to hear the pros about relocating to Texas, we have it! Texas is currently the second (2nd) fastest growing state in the union (North Dakota is number one), with a GDP growth rate of 4.8 percent. The major industries in Texas continue to be oil and natural gas; and Texas is currently the leading producer of both in the U.S. The development and manufacture of electronic equipment has given Texas the nickname “Silicon Prairie”. It extends from Dallas-Fort Worth to Austin. Texas is renowned for its job growth. According to Yahoo! Finance, Texas has three cities in the top ten (10) experiencing the greatest number of job growth. In the time period of 2010 to 2012, Houston is up six (6) percent, adding 165,969 jobs; Austin is up six (6) percent, adding 49,131 jobs; and Dallas is up four (4) percent, adding 128,644 jobs into the Texas economy. The Texas unemployment rate is at 6.2 percent, compared to the other large states that are hovering at 8 percent. While Florida has relatively good tax rates. Texas has no personal income tax, and it is generally considered the most friendly business tax climate in the country. That’s probably why Texas leads the US in jobs growth per capita. The median income level in Texas is $52,000 per household.


Chances are, if you have a student living under your roof and he or she is exploring undergraduate opportunities, the schools in Texas have crossed your mind. Texas has an excellent public education system, led by its namesake university, the University of Texas and its extension campuses with the college and university public school system. University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M in College Station are ranked among the top universities in the nation, public or private. Some of the finest private universities in the US are in Texas—Baylor University, SMU, Rice, TCU and Trinity University to name but a few. If your student and you chose a Texas institution, consider having his or her car shipped by an auto transport company in lieu of a road trip. There is little-to-no public transportation infrastructure in Texas. Your student will need a car to get around.

There are many pros and cons, but overall, it’s a matter of preference and opportunity to relocate to Texas. Or maybe you are just looking to relocate your car or truck and not you and/or your family—in any case, we’re here for you! We’ll provide you up to 10 free quotes to assist you with your decision. SMB Auto Transport will strive to be your go-to car shipping company! We won’t be satisfied until you are!

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If you are considering moving to the Lone Star State of Texas; you may need to ship one or more of your vehicles. We want to help you by providing a FREE "No Cost" estimate and, if you’re ready to ship your vehicle, up to ten quotes for you to choose from. We strive to make it simple for you. Please complete one of our online forms located on left side of our website. SMB Auto Transport will surpass your expectation regarding what to expect from a car shipping company! We won’t be satisfied until you are. Let us earn your business!

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