“Door-to-Door” Car Shipping

Door to Door auto transporting a car means that we pick your car up literally at your home or work door and we deliver it to your new home or work door.

Auto Transport - “Door-to-Door”

SMB Auto Transport offers door-to-door pick up service for your car, truck, motorcycle for your convenience. Door-to-door in auto shipping is the same concept as an airport shuttle service. The primary difference is the carrier is picking up or dropping off your vehicle, not you. This is the most preferred pick-up and delivery method and growing in popularity due to the convenience for the individual.

Depending on what you type of vehicle you are having shipped and where you live, the process for door-to-door service will vary. Auto transport trucks need a lot of space to maneuver its load. The driver will attempt to pick up your vehicle as close to your door as possible, but if the large semi-truck and trailer cannot get to your house or business due to low tree branches, narrow streets, city ordinances, or it’s just not safe; you will have to meet the driver in an agreed upon location. Let the driver know what is a good place to meet in order to drop off or pick up your car or truck. This is contingent on the availability of business or church parking lots near you. Please try to be flexible, knowing that the driver’s schedule is impacted by traffic, road conditions, weather and even the last customer he or she dropped off or picked up their vehicle. The driver will call you when he or she is headed your way. Please ensure you ask for a contact number and even a backup contact number so that you are able to communicate with the car shipping carrier.

Door to Door auto shipping means that we pick your car up literally at your home or work door and we deliver it to your new home or work door.  What could be simpler?  The hassle of moving is tough enough—it’s mentally and emotionally stressful as well as physically taxing.  There are so many details to keep track of, and how you get your car to your new destination is only one of them.  You need to ask yourself, should I use auto shipping, or should I try and find another way to go?  Is auto transport cost effective?  Is it safe and reliable?  How can I be sure that the car shipping method I choose is the right one?  How do I pick an auto shipping company?

One way to move your vehicle from here to there besides auto transport is to drive the car to its new home yourself, but as is often the case, you may not have time or you may be leasing your car and adding that many miles just to move the car to your new home or place of work doesn’t make sense.  You can hire an individual, but you have less peace of mind if you will ever see your car again or will it be returned with something broken or damaged. In addition, the extra miles on your odometer will disappear when you use auto shipping.  What about the cost of fuel, and the cost of the wear and tear on you, the driver?  When you use auto shipping, none of that enters the picture.  No driver, no fuel costs, no wear and tear, and no additional miles on the odometer of the vehicle.

Is it safe?  Auto transport carriers have stringent regulatory and internal safety requirements they have to meet that far exceed the normal safety precautions you take for granted just when you merely drive your car to the grocery store.  Auto shipping is safe, all right, as well as being cost effective.

So what’s left?  How do you get going on getting your vehicle shipped across the country?  The best way to find out what you need in the most expeditious manner is to simply fill out our form to the left and start with your 10 free auto transport quotes.  Then you can sit back and have the auto shipping companies compete for your business.  It really is that simple, safe and cost-effective.

If you can’t be available, please make sure that you have a notarized letter with the full name of person you are authorizing to drop off or pick up your car. The letter must also reference the information from the auto shipping company (booking number), and a detailed description of the car or truck (include VIN number).

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