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The state flag of Connecticut


The state flag of Connecticut.

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A Little Information About Connecticut
Connecticut History

John Haynes and Thomas Hooker are the most likely people considered as the founders of Connecticut. The state is named after the Connecticut River which crosses the state. Connecticut has had several disputes with other parts of the world and other states; including the Pequot Indians, the state of New York and the state of Pennsylvania.

Connecticut boasts a lot of “firsts”; meaning they are the “first” to do/perform something. Examples include: the first constitution adopted was in 1639, Yale University gave the first medical diploma which was in 1729, the Hartford Courant was the first newspaper which was in 1764, Noah Webster published the first dictionary (1783), Eli Whitney invented the first cotton gin (1794), the first revolver was produced (1836), the first ice making machine (1853), the first can opener (1858), first pay phone (1877), first hamburger was served at Louie’s Lunch (1895), first vacuum cleaner (1933), Igor Sikorsky designed the first successful helicopter (1939), first color television (1948) and the first nuclear submarine in 1954.

Education in Connecticut

The state of Connecticut boasts for top colleges and universities, including some ivy league schools. Some of top schools include Yale University, Wesleyan University, Trinity College, University of Connecticut, United States Coast Guard, Connecticut College, Fairfield University, University of Connecticut at Stamford and Quinnipiac University.


In year 2012, Connecticut had almost 6,000 thousand farms covering roughly 435,000 acres. Top products include horticulture and nursery, milk, poultry, various vegtables, melons, potatoes, tobacco, berries, nuts, cattle, horses, sheep and goats.

Fishing and Hunting

For hunting, Connecticut has deer, turkey, pheasant, quail, ruffed grouse, crow, duck, goose, squirrel, rabbit, hare, fox, coyote, raccoon, opossum and even black bear.

Weather and Climate

Connecticut has a moderate climate. The average temperature in Winter can be around 26 degrees Fahrenheit and can yield about forty inches of snow each year. In the northwestern part of Connecticut, much more snow can fall; can be over 70 inches each year. Summers in Connecticut are mild with temperatures around seventy degrees Fahrenheit.

Auto Transport

You may or may not be considering a move to the State of Connecticut; or you may just need to find an auto shipping company to move a vehicle for you. We will assist you by providing a FREE "No Cost" instant estimate, then up to ten quotes for you to help you choose the best company to meet your needs. SMB Auto Transport will surpass your expectation regarding what to expect from a car shipping company! Let us prove it to you!


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