Checking References on Car Shipping Companies

One of SMB Auto Transports' goals is to help educate you before entrusting your car or truck to car shipping company.

Auto Transport Tip – Check references

One of the goals with SMB Auto Transport is to help educate you before entrusting your car or truck to car shipping company. Information you should know about your carrier is their track record. Before you decide:

Ask the company for customer references:

When you are selecting a car shipping company to transport your prized possession, you want to find out as much as possible about previous experiences of other individuals. Always ask for three or more references. They should have at least three. If not, please take this into consideration when choosing the company. There are always good and bad experiences, so when interviewing their references, check for consistent feedback as opposed to feedback where the response seems irrational or dramatic. You want factual information such as:

a)      Did the company answer all of your questions to your satisfaction?

b)      Did they seem to go the extra mile to assure you were at ease?

c)       Did you have any surprises at delivery or picking your vehicle up?

d)      On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 the best), what was your overall level of satisfaction and why?

Check with the Better Business Bureau:

Please contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB) at The BBB can assist you to find out if there have been complaints against the auto transport company and how the complaints were resolved. Please be aware that local businesses support the BBB and businesses can be pay dues to be “vetted” and “accredited” by the BBB. If a business is sold to another proprietor that was accredited by the BBB, they will not research the new owner and will not have reason, unless the new owner receives a complaint.

Check with the FMCSA:

Auto transport companies have very stringent oversight by the federal government and are required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) to have bumper-to-bumper insurance coverage up to $100,000 (open carriers) and $1,000,000 (closed carriers). The FMCSA is under the administration of the Department of Transportation (DOT), which is a federal government agency. You can verify the car shipper’s authenticity by asking for their FMCSA Motor Carrier Number and contacting the FMCSA. To ensure the company is reputable, the FMCSA ensures the carrier meets all licensing requirements in your state as well.

There are many other factors to consider regarding the right questions to ask car shipping companies, which will be covered over the weeks to come. We hope to help you make this decision in order to give you peace of mind.

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