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Welcome to Texas

Welcome to Texas

Living in California verses living in Texas

So you live in California and want to move to Texas? Let us help you uncover some of the perks for moving to the Lone Star State! Regardless of what we’ve read or heard in the media, the rising tax rates in California is not the primary reason that Californians are willing to pack up their loved ones, their belongings and look for auto transport companies to move their vehicles to Texas.

People move from California to Texas for the jobs and a lower cost of living, pure and simple. Texas does not have a state tax, making it very attractive for companies to move their businesses to the Lone Star State. For that among other reasons companies are attracted to Texas; Texas continues to dominate the charts for “The Best Cities for Good Jobs” survey. In addition, the laws and regulations are not as constrictive to operate a business. Dallas has achieved 2.1 percent job growth in 2012 and is projected to add jobs at a 2.8 percent rate through 2019. Houston is also experiencing significant growth. Houston is expected to produce job growth at a rate of 2.9 percent over the next five years. Austin tops the list with an anticipated job growth rate of 3.9 percent, ranking #2 in the nation.

California has sent more new residents to Texas than any other state in recent years. Only 11.6 percent of Americans moved between 2010 and 2011, which is the lowest since the Census Bureau started tracking the information in 1948. Of that number, 70,000 Californians moved to Texas in 2010 alone. However, California’s population is still growing, up 10 percent between 2000 and 2010 due to babies being born to California parents. But over the past decade, more have moved out of California than in. By 2010, only 54 percent of California residents were native born, compared to more than three fourths of adults born in Texas still live there.

Texas is growing in jobs, homes and demographics. Five of the 10 fastest growing cities in the U.S. between 2011 and 2012 were in Texas (New York City is #1; Houston 2nd; San Antonio 4th; Austin 5th). In growth, among the 5 cities that grow the most; three are in Texas (San Marcos grew 4.9 percent).

Here’s five top reasons that Texas is attractive to Californians:

Employment – To reiterate, the main reason people move to Texas is for the jobs. The gas and oil boom is making Houston the energy capital, but there has been significant growth in the technical, manufacturing and business services. Texas plenty of high-wage, skilled labor or positions at universities for post graduates. Texas’ relatively strong economy has the unemployment rate at 6.2 percent, while California’s unemployment rate is at 8.7 percent for the same time period, (US Department of Labor for October 2013).

Cost of living – Land is cheaper in Texas and it is easier to process for land acquisition than anywhere else in the country. A median home price per square foot in 2012 was $229 in California, compared to $84 in Texas. For example, Houston’s region is relatively low in housing prices, the cost of living, consumer prices, utilities and transportation costs. The median home price to annual household income in Houston is 2.9, compared to San Francisco at 6.7. It doesn’t take as much time to obtain permits to build due to fewer regulations and business friendly governments. There are stricter lending rules to shield the state from a full market crash as well.

The total state plus local tax burden, percentage of income in 2012 was 11.04 percent in California, as compared to 8.96 percent in Texas.

Taxes – Texas is one of seven states where there is no personal state income tax, Texas is disproportionate in property tax, but only five states have a lower individual tax burden. If you live in California, and are fortunate enough to pull in $250,000 to $300,000 a year, your tax rate just increased from 9.3 percent to 10.3 percent in taxes. If you are awe-inspiring enough to bring in $1 million or more, your tax rate just went from 10.3 percent to 13.3 percent. Quick disclaimer - before you pack your bags and hit the open road hoping to avoid some of the California tax regulations; please be sure you talk to a tax professional first. What seems logical in tax rules isn’t always as it seems. There are factors in considering your residency.

City living – Texas has more large cities, giving individuals more choices of which city they choose to live in or near. Six out of the twenty largest cities are in Texas, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth or El Paso.

Family-Friendly – Texas is especially popular with families, citing families with above-average number of children. You have heard about the high drop-out rate in Texas, but actually; Texas education scores rank well at the national average. In general, U.S. is down in school testing, but Texas appears to hold its own. Fourth and eighth graders score very well at the national average in math, reading and science. In eighth grade math, Texas scored higher than the national average and outscored the other three big states, California, New York and Florida.

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