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Our "No Cost" calculator will provide an estimate based on your auto transport needs.

It only take a few pieces of information to get a no-cost estimate online. You get started by providing:

  1. Your vehicle type and condition
  2. A pickup and delivery location (city, state & zipcode)
  3. The date you prefer to ship your vehicle

Free Auto Transport Estimate

Auto Transporting You Can Trust

Is shipping a car new for you? No worries, we are experts at what we do. Our goal is to make your experience of transporting a vehicle as smooth and effortless as possible.

Here at SMB Auto Transport, we care about and understand your needs as a car owner. We know that your vehicle is an essential part of your daily life, and anything short of the best is just not acceptable. You’ve probably gone through great efforts to find and purchase your vehicle, and you don’t want it to be treated like a borrowed gardening tool. Your search for an affordable means of transport doesn’t have to be difficult or tedious.

Every part of our operation at SMB Auto Transport is done with the greatest care by licensed and bonded professionals. No matter how tight your schedule might be we can work within it, offering door-to-door service as well as terminal-to-terminal transportation, to meet the needs of even our busiest customers. Your time matters to us, and we show it through our efficient and phenomenal service.

We work with people that have transported their vehicles many times before, as well as people who never have. We will walk all customers who are new to the vehicle transportation process through it every step of the way, answering all questions they may have to make the process as seamless as possible. Your peace of mind is our peace of mind.

Whether you are needing to transport a Volkswagen Bug or a large boat, we can provide an accurate car shipping estimate based on your individual needs, no matter big or small they may be. Just provide some basic vehicle information such as your vehicle make, model, year and trim, as well as the desired ship date, zip codes for pickup of your vehicle, and the zip code of where it will be delivered.

Our auto transport calculator is:
  • "No Cost"
  • Fast and free, with no obligation.
  • Only takes a few minutes to get your car shipping estimate.
  • Offers you the ability to connect with competing brokers for a more precise, affordable quote.
How it works
  • First, we supply you with a FREE cost estimate.
  • Second, if you’re ready to ship your car, work with one of the supplied auto transport broker's to get all the details. Your selected Auto Transport Broker will handle the entire process for you!
  • If you’re not ready to ship, you can save your estimate and come back later.
  • It’s That Easy!
Auto Transport Carrier

Auto Transport Carrier

An Auto Transport Carrier can ship up to 10 vehicles at one time. Get your "No Cost" estimate now.

Should I Drive or Ship My Car?

You may be asking yourself the very simple question of shipping your car or driving it yourself to its destination. Driving your car yourself can have many disadvantages. Think about the possibility of a breakdown or an accident along the way, lost vacation time while driving, mileage buildup and wear and tear on your car if you drive it yourself. In our article on "Should I Drive or Ship My Car", we’ll show you the advantages of using a vehicle transport company.

Spend Less Time and Save More Money!

Think about it: your primary requirement is to get your vehicle from point A to point B in a safe manor, while doing it for the least cost. To do this, you need competing brokers to get you the best deal. When brokers start competing for your business, you get a better deal and price! You will never have to worry about the money you are spending, or saving, because SMB Auto works with only the best and most reputable in the business. Your estimates will always be accurate and timely, making this part of the auto transportation process the easiest. One of the things our customers love most about our car shipping calculator is not needing to provide any personal information.

Whether you’re selling a car or relocating to different city or state, how you will be transporting your vehicle will be stress-free when you use SMB’s auto transport calculator. Moves are difficult enough as it is—dealing with moving truck companies, packing up a house full of valuables, and transferring/closing out accounts already are all-consuming. Moving your vehicle should be the least of your worries. Check "finding vehicle transportation" off your list and take a few minutes to find the best vehicle transport company with SMB’s one-of-a-kind car shipping calculator.

We at SMB Auto Transport understand that you may have a lot of questions as the average person in the United States probably never use a vehicle shipping carrier or may only use them a single time in their life. We encourage you to browse through our Articles to get a better understanding of the vehicle transport industry. You will find some great information; example, you may want to know how to ship a car to get a better understanding of the process. Another example might be that you want to know what documents are needed to ship a car. Rest assured that we have those answers and many more for you.

Why Would Someone Ship A Car?

Let’s face it, most people in the United States never ships a car in their lifetime. Perhaps some of those people don’t know that vehicles can be shipped. Did you know that cars, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and boats can be shipped from state to state?

There are many reasons that someone would ship a car. You might be living in Florida and have a son or daughter that’s planning to go to college in California. You might see all the advantages of shipping your car instead of driving it yourself. Imagine the peace of mind of having your daughter show up in California with a car waiting, instead of having your daughter call you from the middle of nowhere with some kind of breakdown or accident.

Maybe you are a “Snowbird” and live in the northern United States. You may like the idea of having your vehicle already in south Texas, Arizona or sunny Florida waiting on you when you arrive. The vehicle waiting on you might be a vehicle you once towed or your recreational vehicle.

Maybe you’ve been saving money for that classic car and finally found the right one. It’s perfect for you, but it is in another state. You buy it and realize that you don’t want all the wear and tear on your new baby, so you need it shipped to you. You’ll want to use a reliable car shipping company to make your new investment to you safely. Fact is, there are many reasons that you might want a vehicle shipped somewhere, these are just a few.

What does an Auto Transport Broker?

A broker in this industry provides a detailed quote and manages the door to door process of shipping your vehicle; so you don’t have to. This person is basically your personal logistics coordinator. This broker is under heavy scrutiny, please view our article to learn more about the process and how the United States government’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requirements.

Why Choose SMB Auto Transport To Ship Your Car?

Here’s why we’re different: with our "No Cost" calculator, we provide you with an estimate before asking for you sign anything or committing to shipping your vehicle.

The Bottom Line: We treat you fairly and we need your business to keep offering this free "No Cost" estimate. Please consider using SMB Auto Transport when you are ready to ship your vehicle.

Our Commitment

Your satisfaction is paramount. At SMB Auto Transport, we take our responsibility seriously. Our commitment to provide you the most accurate estimate based on the current market. When we say "No Cost", We really mean it…We stake our reputation on it!

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